Why Must We Apologize for Blogging Breaks – #SorryNotSorry

Hello everybody!

So, I know I haven’t blogged in just about a month, and I apologize for that. My website got over it’s bandwidth limit or something (???), which meant it was down one day that I meant to post on… I know that’s no excuse, but I am really sorry.

I may have started posts with paragraphs like that in the past, and I almost did it today, but then I realized, that, really, I need to practice what I preach. I recently gave some blogging tips to a friend, and one of them was to blog for yourself (my exact words were: Don’t blog for followers; blog for you; to process, have fun,  get your thoughts out, and maybe even help a few people along the way). And, if posting when you don’t want to is blogging for yourself, then

gif not mine…anyone know what this is from?

Anyhoo, like I said, I think that if I am forcing myself to post when I don’t want to, it is blogging for others and that’s just not fun. And when blogging isn’t fun, you should take a break, or, quit, if it’s never enjoyable at all (not the case for me! 😉 ). I do not blog for money (I don’t have any sponsors or ads etc.), or for followers, so, sorry (not sorry), but if I don’t want to post, there is no post.

I encourage you all to think the same way. This is not supposed to be a moody rant (although reading back on what I just wrote, it kinda feels like one); I just wanted to explain and share my realization with everyone. If you enjoy posting 5 times a week, and you have enough time to do so (WOAH!), then, by all means, do it! As a middle school student, I find it hard to post all the time, but I really hope to inspire and make you laugh when I do. I have tons of fun with this blog; I just don’t want it taking up my life.

I’ll admit that I have lost some readers because of my multiple month breaks throughout the last year.  If you’ve read a few of those “What I Look For In A Blog” posts, you might have come across people mentioning that if the blogger hasn’t posted in the last week, they immediately leave that site. I disagree with this rule, because I think that what matters is the quality of writing and humor, and definitely not how much the person posts. I would love you all to check back on my blog and other not-so-often-posters’ blogs, and maybe even follow on Bloglovin’, because, even if you don’t see our posts showing up in your feed every week, you might enjoy the blogs, and besides…what is there to lose? 🙂

Now, after all that, I just want to mention that this isn’t supposed to be an “I’m only going to blog once a month now” announcement. I might start posting more, or I might not!
I enjoyed writing my opinions down today for you guys to see.

Please remember- blog for yourself, post when YOU want, and don’t apologize for staying off your blog for a while.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post! 😀


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