Tips On Making + Saving Money As A Kid/Teen|How To Make Money in Elementary/Primary or Middle School


Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be giving you some tips on how to make and save money as a kid. I am 13 years old right now, so the options for real jobs are, obviously, limited.

Right now, I make money from:

– walking around town delivering papers twice a week ($50 per month)
– tips from my paper route (around $10 per month)
– babysitting (different every month, usually around $15 – $50)
– getting a monthly allowance ($10 per month)

That could be a really small amount of money to some of you, or maybe it seems like quite a bit. Really, it all depends on how you spend and save it. If I’m splurging on a bag of chips and a chocolate bar as soon as I get any money, it would feel like I’m hardly making anything. I like to save my money in various mason jars (see picture above) to buy bigger things.  I managed to pay for a full $1000 flight when I was 11 years old. How did I do it?
selling handmade cards at a local café


This is a great option for kids who like to do crafts and don’t mind putting some time into their saving goal.

Mother’s Helper: Since I wasn’t old enough to babysit at the time, I went over to people’s houses and played with the kids so that parents could clean the house or get work done without worrying about their children.
asking for money instead of presents at Christmas and my birthday
paper route: Don’t be shy to visit a local paper’s office and see if they need any carriers!
extra chores: I asked my parents if I could do some extra chores and be paid just a little bit for each time I did them.

As I mentioned before, spending and saving money wisely is also super important. When I was saving money quite intensely, I hardly spent any money. That can be a good idea if you have a big goal that you want to get to quickly, but it’s definitely not necessary all the time.

Setting a limit for yourself of how much you can spend, however, is a great idea. For a while, every toonie (two dollar coin) or loonie (one dollar coin) I earned, I would put in a seperate jar especially for spending money. This is a great way to regulate your spending so you don’t make lots of money and then ‘toss it down the drain’ by mistake.

Basically, set a goal, be creative working for it, and spend/save wisely. Now you can be like these bears!!

Image result for money gifImage result for money gif

You’re welcome.
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How do you make money? Did you find this post helpful? What are your best tips when it comes to money and how to save, spend and make it?

Thanks so much for reading!! 🙂


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  2. AMELIE!!! Thank YOU for posting this! 🙂 I’m looking at ways I can save money as a teen and these are some great ideas that I hope will help!

    I would also suggest starting an online store where you can sell things such as old things you don’t need anymore, or maybe selling some items you enjoy making, like diys or slime! 🙂


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