Gratitude: How It Will Change Your Life for the Better (+ Happy Easter and Announcement!)

Hey guys! At school right now, we are doing speeches, and I am currently working on mine. It is about gratitude, a subject I’ve been wanting to talk about here on laughing in the rain, so I thought I’d publish a slightly tweaked version of my speech so you can all read (and hopefully enjoy 🙂 ) it. My speech is not at all finished yet, so I have added things here that I may not end up putting in the piece I read at school.

Let’s get right into it!!DPP_0277DPP_0276

When my best friend first moved to Saskatchewan, I was a wreck. My daily routine around that time involved crying and wishing that things would change…that my friend had never moved.

Something that helped me get through this hard time was definitely my gratitude journal.

Friends, random readers, and fellow bloggers, gratitude will change your life. Here’s how it worked for me.

Every night, I would write three events that I was grateful for from that day. They weren’t often major things; sometimes I would write things as little as waking up to sun shining through my window, or reading a book’s title wrong and giggling to myself about it.

Before, I often wondered if there was even a point of life, but this routine made me so much happier. Sure, I still cried sometimes, but I also learned to see the good in things. I even managed to find the positive outcomes of my friend’s move.

Even now, when I don’t manage to write in my journal every night, I am generally a more positive and grateful person. Writing in a gratitude journal so much or such a long time taught me to notice and further appreciate every little part of my day.

Now, all of this may sound crazy, but studies do actually show that thankfulness makes your life better. Being grateful will lead to improved physical and emotional health, greater self esteem, more intelligence, and better sleep.

That’s right; simply noticing and writing a few good parts of your day will make your life that much more awesome.

Still not convinced? Well, I’ve got another trick up my sleeve.

Tell me; is it fun to hang out with people going on about how awfully there day has gone, how bad their outfit looks on them, and why the world is going to end tomorrow (it’s just so unlikely. )?
Would you rather spend time with positive people? Yes? Me too.
And, like I mentioned earlier, gratitude made me way more positive.

Basically, what I’m saying is, keeping a gratitude journal will make you grateful; being grateful will make you healthier, smarter, more confident, and more positive; and being positive will most likely make people like you, which will most likely give you more friends, and that will most likely make you less lonely! (DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that you are lonely or have no friends. 😉 )

I was just about to hit publish when I remembered that I’d forgotten to wish you all Happy Easter! Whoops! So here I am… Happy Easter! Hope you’re having a fun (and maybe productive?!-see my last post) break (do you all get a long weekend like me?)! I also have an announcement: I am feeling inspired so there will be more posts coming soon!! Keep on checking back for a review and other fun stuff too! 😀


Thank you SO much for visiting! Comment telling me if you have ever tried writing a gratitude journal, if you have because of this post, or if you are planning on starting one soon (please do give it a try)!


Amélie <3

One thought on “Gratitude: How It Will Change Your Life for the Better (+ Happy Easter and Announcement!)

  1. It’s really cool how writing speeches about gratitude inspired you to make a post about it! Do you have a Speech Club at your school you can join? I’m in Speech Club and it’s very challenging yet fun. I like it because you can muse over topics and present thoughts to people in the form of a speech, and go to tournaments and hear speeches from other schools. I’m sure you’ll have a blast!
    Gratitude is really important! Every little thing you say or think can change your outlook on life. I’ve heard that authors should always write down the positive feedback they get. That’s because we have a tendency to only remember negative feedback, and if someone is negative towards your book you forget the positive things that your friends say
    Positivity makes you a really vivacious, amiable person who people would really want to befriend. It also makes you observant about the wonders of life and powers you to keep going when you’re down. Violin is difficult, and I get discouraged easily because of my many mistakes, but I tell myself “I’m a good violinist, I’ll get good at this in time if I work at it-” and that’s exactly what I do.
    Lol my mind is everywhere these days and I can’t keep a gratitude journal. But thoughts encourage me a lot, and so is contemplating life’s blessings. I love your journal though; I’m also very fond of rain and black-and-white vintage-style things (even my rabbit is black and white). I’ve always admired how you’re very cheery and friendly and this is your secret to doing it-being grateful for the good things in life.
    I’m so glad you’re posting again! you’re so wise now and I’m really excited to hear from you again 🙂

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