100 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello everybody!

I’ve been in Europe for the past month and a bit, and although it was amazing, it feels SO good to be home! Thanks to sleeping in my own lovely bed, eating supper cooked by my own mum, and making breakfast in my own kitchen, I’ve been feeling generally happy! So, today, I am going to be writing about things that make me happy! I was inspired by  Brittany (Hello Bubblegum)’s original post, as well as Lexie’s post which was inspired by Hello Bubblegum. I find that simply writing a few, or many, things (like these) that you are grateful for can really make your day, ore even week. I hope that this post inspires some of you to try this challenge/tag thingy out! I mostly wrote moments and events but you could do any kind of thing you want!

*NOTE*: These are in no particular order. Also, I’m not even sure I wrote exactly 100 things so if I didn’t please don’t say 😀

from Hello Bubblegum!

Talking late at night with my best friend. My parents. Blogging. Writing. Reading. Singing harmonies. Watching siblings clash – ‘happy chaos’. Predicting the future correctly. Stationery. Magazines in the mailbox. Snail-mail. Looking at font websites. The idea of decorating my own home some day. British chocolate. Reading a perfectly unpredictable book. Laughing hysterically. When everything is funny. Stale peeps. Going for walks at night. Misty rain. Deciding that it doesn’t matter if I get wet. Snuggling up under my blankets on a cold night. Clothes. Music. Perfect succulents. Feeling part of something big. Autumn weather. My plaid shirt. Being productive. When HTML works. Shopping. Sprinting. Bonfires. To-Do lists. Finding a forgotten piece of clothing. When your instagram feed looks just right. Milky earl grey tea. My blog design. Writing a new About page. Just the right outfit for the first day back at school. When cough drops actually work. Long phone calls. Books that make you think. Goals. Realizing you’re at 46!! French. Notebooks. Mosh/Joshaya!! Disney Channel Original Movies. Asian food. Good salads. A new desktop background. The colour gold. Minimalist decor. Black and white stripes or polka-dots. Striped tees. Good sales at Claire’s. Photo shoots. 99 Flakes (soft serve ice-cream). Washing my face. Late night swims. Day-long swims. Successful shopping trips. Hotels. Presents. Pretty phone cases. Writing blog posts. Wind in my hair. That perfect sweater. Apple cider in the Fall. Acceptance. DIYs that work well. Blow dried hair. Flowers. Nature photography. Close-up photography. Wi-Fi. Baby-sitting. SPC-Card. Pita Pit. Breathing in fresh, fresh, fresh air. Long and exciting games of Cribbage. Amazing points in my crib. Friday. Public speaking. Pool parties. Bucket lists. Carry-on bag essential/packing videos on YouTube. Booster Juice! Breakfast sandwiches. Impromptu plans. Paper route pay. Washi tape. 100% charge. Spooning nutella into my mouth for 6 minutes straight. The word ‘paw’. Late night boat rides. Sun sets. Life.

So here’s hoping that was one hundred, haha! Thanks for reading; I hope this brought some light and happiness to your day and it made you smile!

Could you relate to any of those things? Which one was your favourite?



5 thoughts on “100 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Hi there,
    I was searching for kids blogs and found yours. I am interested in finding examples of kids blogs for a teaching initiative I’m doing. Keep up the good work!
    I hoping to get more kids blogging to help with their writing skills.
    Good luck,

  2. hi amelie 🙂 you haven’t posted in a while, but i know what that feels like – i just came back after not having posted since october lololol. anyways i wanted to say that not only do i miss you, i’ve actually switched blogs from nerd glasses and wanderlust, and i don’t post on that anymore. my new posts are over at http://www.ssublimee.blogspot.com. i believe in you to come up with the motivation to post & more post ideas amelie, and to see you in the comments of my new blog soon 😉

    ? sneha

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